Open Yourself to New Information

dr ferhan ahmed Jun 03, 2021

I attribute my unstoppable desire for knowledge and growth to my father. My family has always put education first, and my father pushed me and my siblings to study hard. It’s because of this that I always aim to broaden my knowledge, whether it’s within my profession or a skill that will advance my career such as public speaking.

Learning never ends.

I’m also a strong believer that to be good at something, you have to do it every day. It’s a continual effort of discovery, mastery, and rehearsal. What you learn, you engage with until you become an expert. Once you are an expert, you maintain and develop your skills through practice, which in itself will teach you more lessons.

Every clinician should cultivate this mindset about learning. You must never stop pursuing new knowledge in every stage of your career if you are to excel and succeed. 

Education doesn’t stop when you graduate from an official educational institution. It stops when you ignore every opportunity afterwards to grow as a professional and as a person.

Kirk Douglas said, ‘The learning process continues until the day you die.’

You always need to aim for new knowledge. If you want to succeed, you have to keep growing and seeking to be educated through whatever means possible.

It’s important for you to make time - not find time - for learning.

Today, I feel like I am being led on this path automatically. Like on a conveyor belt. My environment forces me to learn. I follow the steps my environment lays out for me. Learning has become a part of my system, and it guides me to where I need to be.

- Dr Ferhan Ahmed