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Full Arch Implant Training Programme

  • Online Modules released weekly
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Live coaching session every 2 weeks
  • 1:1 clinical case planning sessions
  • All relevant documents downloadable
  • Access to learning community
  • All coaching session will be recorded, so you can watch them later if you can not join in person. They will stay available forever. You can also submit questions in advance if you cannot join a specific session
  • Mentoring 1:1 will be available for delegates enrolled on the course. An additional fee applies
  • Verifiable CPD
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Starter Implant Training Programme

  • Online Modules released weekly
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Live coaching session every 2 weeks
  • All relevant documents downloadable
  • Access to learning community
  • All coaching session will be recorded, so you can watch them later if you can not join in person. They will stay available forever. You can also submit questions in advance if you cannot join a specific session
  • Verifiable CPD
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About Dr Ferhan Ahmed

Dr Ferhan Ahmed is dual-qualified in dentistry and medicine. His current practice is limited to dental implants and surgical dentistry. He qualified from the University of Glasgow (UK) with a BDS in 2005 and from the University of Liverpool (UK) with an MBChB in 2012. Since completion of vocational training, he has exclusively focused training and research in the area of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr Ahmed is involved in teaching and mentoring within the field of dental implants and surgical dentistry. His practice in dental implants involves conventional implants, complex bone grafting and extra maxillary implants such as pterygoids and zygomatics.



"Ferhan’s course has been the perfect introduction to dental implants. The teaching and course content has been fantastic and I feel more than prepared to introduce implants to my practice. There are numerous implant courses to choose from, but you will not find anyone more invested in your learning and development than Ferhan. "

Dr Jonathan Fitzpatrick
Glasgow Dentist

"The 3 month online full arch course with Dr Ferhan Ahmed is a unique opportunity to cover many aspects related to immediate full arch load. The thorough planning module, the in-depth surgical module, and the prosthetically driven restorative module are all fantastically well structured. It’s an easy to follow course, delivered by an enthusiastic and sincere instructor who aims to aid clinicians improve their skill, knowledge and passion for implant dentistry. It’s a must for anyone looking to progress to the next level in implant dentistry and ensure their cases are planned and executed successfully."

Dr Toheed Hamid
Bristol Dentist

"Ferhan’s implant course has covered everything a GDP needs to know to start their implant journey. It has been well organised with plenty of resources, and Ferhan and his colleagues have fostered a great group learning environment despite lockdown!"

Lindsey Oban

"I recommend Ferhan's Full arch course. He covers a complex and often misunderstood area in a friendly and comprehensive way. The resources included were generous and worth the investment straight away. I have honestly learnt more in 2 sessions of this course than I did on my implant Msc! Ferhan was also available in between sessions to discuss my queries."

Dr Sanjiv Joshi
Redditch Dentist

"Doing the starter implant course with Ferhan has been a great experience. Being able to have a top class course during lock down has been such a good motivation to keep learning and improving. Everything from the course content, interaction with the course colleagues to the effort in every power point presentation have been outstanding. Thank you Ferhan, Daniel and Toheed for all your advise and input of experience in every question or clinical situation that has arised. "

Dr Constanza Ambrus Mella
Oban Dentist

"If you are thinking about taking your implant dentistry to the next level, this is the course for you. The course is in-depth and well structured, giving you the protocols and workflows you need to provide complex treatments. It is the perfect mix of theory and case presentations and Ferhan is always there to answer questions, or go through some of your own cases."

Dr Ahmed
Manchester Dentist

"Before starting Ferhan’s full arch implant course I was confident with single implants, short bridges and implant over dentures but I felt I needed to develop my knowledge of full arched fixed dental implant treatment options. I had been looking for a good course for a long time to find the most appropriate one for me and as soon as I spoke to Ferhan, his passion and enthusiasm for implant dentistry (and life!) really spoke to me. Being able to undertake the course online gave me a lot of flexibility compared to having to commute and I can honestly say I feel like I have received as high a standard of teaching, if not higher, than I would have had I travelled to sit in a lecture theatre for hours. The course has greatly expanded my knowledge of full arch treatment and Ferhan’s commitment to ongoing support and mentoring after the course has given me the confidence and reassurance that I can implement everything I’ve learned into my implant practice immediately. I would urge anyone wanting to take the next step in their implant journey to speak to Ferhan today and see what he and his course can offer you. I can’t think of any courses that I’ve obtained better value for money than that which I’ve invested in Ferhan’s Three Month Online Full Arch Course."

Dr Karl Walker Finch
Huddersfield Dentist

"What a fantastic journey through Full arch implant dentistry during the pandemic period. The all-on-4 concept can be quite daunting but Ferhan has summarised the process from start to finish very comprehensively and showed it to be a predictable and repeatable treatment. I can honestly say that I have not met anyone like Ferhan, who is so passionate in their teaching and is always available to help. I would thoroughly recommend this course and I for one am looking forward to attending future courses with Ferhan."

Dr Sunil Mangla
London Implant Dentist

"Ferhan's full arch immediate load course is an excellent way to learn the essential theory behind provision of full arch implant treatment. The teaching sessions are comprehensive and address planning, surgery, and restoration in a logical and structured manner. Best of all is the 1-to-1 teaching time Ferhan gives which ensures the student has a thorough understanding and is well supported."

Dr Aneel Jabbar
Bristol Implant Dentist

"Ferhan is an excellent educator and I have learned so much from his brilliant Full Arch Implantology course. The course has been delivered flexibly online with access to recordings to revisit if desired, and the learning sessions are interactive with interesting clinical case discussions and group treatment planning. Highly recommended for clinicians looking to further develop their skills in advanced implantology."

Dr Sarah Jabbar
Bristol Dentist

"Great photos and nice documentation of steps. Overall, great course which I have learned a huge amount from. Great discussions and case examples ."

Dr Robert Williams
Heswall Implant Dentist

"Excellent introduction to full arch immediate load. Ferhan is an excellent teacher .Very approachable and knowledgeable."

Dr. Ruairi Cunnane
Exeter Implant Dentist

"Really good course. I would recommend it to anyone interested in full arch dental implants."

Dr Rahul Sharma
Southport Implant Dentist

"The content was very well presented with all the practical steps explained thoroughly and plenty  time to ask questions. The course is good for dentists who are already providing implants and  are keen to take the next step in their journey. Ferhan provided a knowledge combined  with all the practical steps and wonderful enthusiasm"

Dr Philip Church
Glasgow Implant Dentist

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