Practice What You Learn

dr ferhan ahmed Jun 17, 2021

Practice is how you create things in the physical. What you start in the mind through learning, you turn into reality through relentless application. Doing it once is not enough. To be good at something, you have to practice it relentlessly every day. 
I travel all over the UK to work with different clinicians. This gives me the opportunity to learn from a variety of clinicians all the time, and it has been a part of my on-going routine for a while now.
Consider taking opportunities outside of your regular work. Search for programs that give you access to respected authorities in your field and learn how they perform their tasks. 
One of the ways we improve is by looking at other people and what they do.  I take every chance I get to reach out to people I look up to and ask to shadow them. This way, I can observe them and try to use their methods in my own practice.  The more exposure you get, the sooner you will master your specialty.  
Maybe what you need to focus on is an underdeveloped skill. Find workshops and seminars you can enrol in. If it’s personal development you need to work on, perform your exercises again once you are home. Stand in front of your mirror and practice your walk, hand gestures, and manner of speech. Roll your shoulders back and stand tall. Incorporate these activities to your daily routine because it’s only by repeating these over and over will they become a natural part of you.

“OK is NOT enough -is not just a fancy brand slogan. It's my personal philosophy to always push myself to do better, be better, and get the most out of life”

- Dr Ferhan Ahmed