dr ferhan ahmed Jun 10, 2021

“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” – Martin H. Fischer

Every person has a different way of learning. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Intelligence inspired eight learning styles that can help you determine the best approach for you. 

* Visual (spatial)

* Aural (auditory)

* Verbal (linguistic)

* Physical (kinaesthetic)

* Logical (mathematical)

*  Social (interpersonal)

*  Solitary (intrapersonal)

* Naturalistic (outdoors)

For a learning strategy to be effective and enjoyable it has be understandable. Trying to understand Full arch implant dentistry can appear to some as a daunting task. The best outcome for everyone is if it can be explained in a simple way. This motivates further learning and stimulates natural curiosity which is required to develop even further.

A method that works for you may differ from another colleague. If you so happen to be a visual learner, copying your colleague’s habit of listening to music while reading will not help you. In the same way, joining a highly recommended study group won’t benefit you much if you process information best in a quiet environment. 

I discovered that I learn better through watching videos and writing notes. I will then teach others what I have learned and this re enforces my understanding and retention.

My full arch programme has been split into bite size easily digestible video modules focusing on three areas - assessment diagnosis and treatment planning, the surgical elements of full arch implant dentistry and the restorative steps. Each of these sections has been deconstructed to deliver the information in a simplified structure. The 1:1 planning sessions help reinforce the knowledge delivered through the online modules and the coaching calls give clinicians an opportunity to teach others which reinforces understanding.

Discover which methods work for you and stick to them. It will simplify your approach to education and hasten your growth.