Support Network-Do You Have One?

dr ferhan ahmed Jul 01, 2021

I cannot stress enough the significance of being in the right environment and surrounding yourself with people who share your vision and your values.

These are the people who need to be part of your support network because they can provide the encouragement you need in the context of your mindset and goals. They know you well enough to identify what kind of encouragement you respond to and how they can be with you in your lowest moments.

Establish a network of clinicians around you that consist of colleagues and mentors. These are the people you can consult with to reflect following the completion of a procedure.

This support network in your workplace/environment serves as an accessible source of encouragement through the micro and macro failures you will experience. While you are your primary supporter, it’s good to receive assurance from other people that mistakes happen, and that’s okay.

In the same way that they are available for you, be present for their needs as well. Make it a culture in your team to provide assistance for each other.

Create a support network outside of your work, too.

For me, it’s my family, particularly my wife. We’ve learned so much on how to support one another through the trials of marriage and starting a family, that I know I can depend on her when the going gets tough.

Who supports you during tough times? Analyse your relationships and invest in those you value, and who value you back. Everyone needs a helping hand. It’s crucial that you know who to reach out to when things don’t go according to plan.

Dr Ferhan Ahmed